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Volunteer With Elephants In Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Volunteer Project gives you the opportunity to get up close with some of Earths most beautiful animals. Not only that you'll be supporting sustainable conservation efforts while helping local communities

  • Alan Bernstein

    This was the most wonderful travel experience I have ever had. The work SLWCS does is so important –helping to mitigate human-elephant conflict, and gathering data about local farmers to promote conservation. It was a pleasure to participate in these efforts in a small way.

    This was my second trip to Sri Lanka and I have visited many of the national parks to see elephants. The experience here of elephant observation in the corridor and Wasgamuwa park was much better. We really saw the elephants in their natural habitat and got to stay and watch for a long time while wildlife specialists explained their conservation work. Fascinating and spectacular.

  • David Pratt

    My time on the SLWCS elephant project has been phenomenal! I loved being in the Sri Lankan jungle and having the chance to observe Asian elephants in the natural environment. I’ll certainly leave with both great photos and memories. I enjoyed all the activities that I was involved with, and it’s really fantastic to see that the work being done here is making a big difference in saving Asian Elephants. Although I did possess previous knowledge/ experience of /with elephant conservation, I was still able to learn new things.

    This has definitely been a life-changing experience and I will be very proactive in seeking a path with wildlife conservation in the future.

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