Collection: Ethical Holidays

We are passionate about our holidays and ensure that they provide a positive impact on the people, wildlife, and environment in each of our destinations. We choose and design our itineraries to encompass kindness and caring and making sure that every guest’s experience is a positive one. We support ethical travel.

Sustainable Holidays

Etikora works with accommodations, local guides, transport services and activity providers who have the same ethos in providing sustainable holidays, meaning that your money goes directly to the host country. Our local providers are well versed in the sensitivities of travelling in their country and will impart their local knowledge to ensure that you are culturally sensitive as well as having a unique experience.

We try to avoid busy and congested locations in order to reduce the impact in local areas and to distribute the finances and available support more evenly throughout the destinations we visit. Etikora holidays supports local businesses, whether it be through local providers or equally important, visiting our artisans and brand partners which sell their products on our website. We want your holiday to be considerate to all concerned and for your holiday to have a genuinely unique feel.

Many of our holidays consist of safaris or other wildlife encounters and we feel that it is important to be respectful and mindful about how close you come to these animals. All our guides are extremely knowledgeable about these species and give you, as our guest, a memorable and worthwhile safari without being intrusive and disrupting the normal behaviour and habits of the animals and birds.

Our ethical holidays are also mindful of how you visit our host county’s historical and heritage sites. We do the research to make sure that our guests are aware of how to visit these sites with sensitivity, knowledge and respect, making your holiday something to write home about.

Let’s travel with a conscience.

Arts & Crafts Combi-Holidays

Combine unique holidays with the arts and crafts we sell online. We have created itineraries that give you the opportunity to meet these talented artisans and in some cases, work alongside them. Our trips incorporate workshops with these entrepreneurs first-hand, giving you the opportunity to craft your own precious memories.

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Activity Holidays

For the more active holiday-seeker, we have selected stunning locations where you can participate in a variety of leisure and activity pursuits.

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  • Volunteer in Sri Lanka - Marine Project

    £1,940.00 pp

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  • Volunteer in Sri Lanka - Work With Elephants

    £1,800.00 pp

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  • Sense Earth Limited

    Sense Earth ATOL no is 6323

  • Why Sense Earth?

    Sense Earth provides unique and personalised holidays for those with an adventurous nature. These itineraries have been designed to capture your authentic experience; watch exotic wildlife, see artisans creating unique products, explore vibrant cultures and enjoy mesmerising scenery.

    Leave a loving footprint and travel with confidence and with a conscience.

  • Our Ethos

    With honesty and integrity at our core, we're passionate about creating your memories of a lifetime. Being experts in travel, we impart local knowledge to enhance every aspect of your holiday.

    Sense Earth cares about your experience, the environment and local communities. We support numerous initiatives in our destinations, growing with overseas partners.

Looking After Our Planet

Where possible, Sense Earth tries to follow a green code by reducing waste and plastic in locations that they host you. In addition, they have included in the price a small 'green levy' which will allow them to plant the appropriate number of trees to off-set your carbon 'flight print'.