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How We Select Our Brand Partners

All Etikora Brand Partners are required to be a company or individual of good standing and integrity, be reliable and financially solvent and to conform to all anti-slavery and anti-discrimination policies and laws. The principles on which Etikora was founded dictate that all Brand Partners (BP) adhere to the following Terms & Conditions regarding their products:

a) Where applicable, products should be designed by the BP and hand-made or hand crafted from their original ideas.

b) Products should be made at home or in community workshops that comply to local regulations and standards.

c) BPs must be totally honest and transparent when it comes to disclosing how and where their products are made. If any part or parts are not made by them but acquired from outside sources details of these parts/ingredients/components must be disclosed.

d) Products must not contain any toxic or harmful materials. If any ingredient/part is a known allergen, this must be declared and suitable warning should be visible on the packaging (e.g., peanuts in food products, latex in domestic products).

e) Where possible products should be from sustainably sourced materials.

f) Food products should be certified organic or be made from natural ingredients and/or benefit local communities.

g) Packaging should be biodegradable or recyclable if possible.

The aims and objectives of the company are to encourage fair trading, offer products that are of good value and bring benefit and pleasure to the consumer without having a detrimental effect on them or our planet.

We are constantly encouraging and helping BPs to upgrade their standards whilst working within sensible and practical financial parameters.

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