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Human touch behind every product, when buying from Etikora, you’re not just holding an item, you’re holding a story.

  • Live A More Caring Lifestyle

    From delivering healthy and organic food to planning your eco-friendly holiday or decorating your home, you'll find everything you need here to purchase sustainably and ethically.

  • Good Value For Money Products

    In these troubled times when the cost of living is rising, money is getting tighter and natural resources are under threat, we believe that now more than ever is the time to buy quality items that are good value for money as well as having planet-saving advantages.

  • Perfect Partnerships

    We are passionate about our planet and work with suppliers who have the same ethos and mindset. Learn more about how we select our Brand Partners and their products to get an insight into who you are really buying from.

  • Quality Over Quantity

    We want you to experience that personal touch when buying from Etikora™. Shopping with us guarantees you a good deal because we are committed to price matching our brand partners. We have new products arriving regularly so be sure to come back to Etikora to find the latest additions to our range!

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Everybody looks for different values in different products so to help our customers prioritise what matters to them, we have tagged each product with a series of icons that explain their origin and purpose.
A full explanation of our icons can be found here.

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  • Trade Options

    When you register as a Trade/Bulk-buying customer, you will be able to access our full range of products and prices. You can then build your pro-forma order with us and we will provide you with a quotation including the delivery charge. 
    Please note that there is a minimum order value on these products.

  • Additional Fees Notification

    Please note that any imported items with a total value of £135 and over, as signified by this icon, may be subject to additional charges of Duty & VAT.

Earth Conscious Returns

We ask customers to carefully select their purchases in order to reduce the number of returned items which helps our small suppliers and lowers our carbon footprint.

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