How We Started

Etikora started as an idea amongst a group of friends with considerable commercial experience and varied backgrounds, who share the same ethos of practising a more responsible way of doing business whilst trying to preserve our planet at the same time.

Some of us work in the organic foods business while others specialise in eco-holidays, marketing, health & beauty and more. What we have in common is a shared passion for a more considerate and responsible world.

Born during the pandemic, Etikora is an online marketplace that helps people make caring lifestyle choices and shop responsibly across a broad range of essentials and more indulgent products. We have carefully selected products for their sustainable and ethical qualities.

So, we invite you to browse our website, be mindful of the planet and our suppliers and find the right products for your lifestyle. We hope your credit card is the only plastic you use and it will not be single use!

What We Do

Offer our customers a more ethical, responsible and eco-friendly way of shopping online.

Support small businesses and workshops around the world and guiding them through the maze of e-commerce.

Promote organic and eco-friendly production methods and encouraging the use of recycled materials when available.

Give both brand partners and customers a fair deal.

Support local communities both at home and abroad.