Etikora's Sustainability Ethos

Etikora's Sustainability Ethos


In these troubled times when the cost of living is rising fast and money is getting tighter, some may question why we are opening an online marketplace for more consumables.

We believe that this is the right time because now more than ever, we need quality and value for money which are also planet saving options. We believe that, in the future, that we are going to have to buy less and make each purchase count more.

Right now, you can probably live without a few of our products, but sooner or later you will probably need or want to purchase an item shown in our extensive range of products and services. So why not make your purchase count?

We live in a ‘throw-away’ society and are constantly under pressure from the media to buy cheap disposable items. Rarely do we stop and think of the true cost of the item we are buying. Rapid turnover means additional freight and transport costs. Cheap labour can lead to exploitation. To be fair, it probably means higher employment levels in developing countries but unfortunately that is often accompanied by high energy and transport costs.

Without delving too deeply into the pool of nostalgia, our grandparents made things to last: these were easily mended or repaired and had an intrinsic and often a sentimental value. The two main components of many products of the last century were metal, which could be reused or recycled, and wood, which was a natural resource freely available. Then along came plastic and the world changed overnight and not necessarily for the better.

We are not suggesting the clock should be turned back to ‘the good old days’ but somewhere along the line there has to be a balance. Hand crafted products made from natural materials bring their own aesthetic pleasure and without a loss of functionality.

Shopping with Etikora brings benefits in a number of ways. Satisfaction from owning something carefully and lovingly made to last. In addition, shopping at Etikora can help individuals and communities that really need your support and, in many cases, helps reduces your carbon footprint.

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