An Easter (Recycling) Message from our CEO

An Easter (Recycling) Message from our CEO

Ian Forrester

At this time of year in the UK, many of us turn our thoughts towards Spring and Easter, rebirth both physical and spiritual.

Recycling as a Religion

Most religions include some form of recycling package; rewards in an afterlife for a life spent well on earth, reincarnation is the ultimate form of recycling. Certainly cremation, practised by both believers and non-believers alike, is sustainable.

According to the Law of Conservation of Mass, matter can change but cannot be created nor destroyed. Which is kind of comforting in a way. So, here at Etikora we are keen to follow those principles.

Recycling in our homes

On a less philosophical note, I sometimes watch a programme on the TV called Bargain Hunt. It is just the right mix of fun and challenge. What saddens me though when I watch it, is the fall from grace of classical furniture. As recently as fifty years ago period and antique pieces would fetch prices commiserate with their quality and rarity. Value being placed on craftsmanship, and the quality of the materials used. There has been a gradual decline in these values and now a beautiful piece of Georgian or earlier furniture is less than the modern equivalent from the online furniture stores. People would not recognise a dove-tail joint if it got up and bit them.

I plead guilty to purchasing some bedroom furniture from one of the major chains out of necessity. I stacked my Edwardian / Victorian chest of drawer in the garage and I’m beginning to regret it. Drawers than constantly slid in and out with ease have been replaced with those that do not. Doors that fitted perfectly even after centuries see their successors being ill-fitting and unsubstantial. Natural wood, beautifully crafted and preserved by years of beeswax and elbow grease has been replaced by chipboard and veneers totally devoid of character and aesthetics. My fault, but a lesson learned; I should practise what I preach more often by buying up-cycled furniture.

Worthy sustainable values

Worth, value and sustainability are the keywords of Etikora and we at Etikora try hard to support and promote this. Occasionally, like most of us, I fall from grace and so my furniture karma is deserved, reminding me of my opening paragraph.

One of the joys of working with Etikora is meeting so many like-minded people. True craftsmen and women who put their skills and devotion into producing worthwhile products. These products function appropriately, give aesthetic pleasure, and reduce the need for further creation and destruction, in fact observing the Law of Conservation of Mass.

Be kind to all

At Etikora, we are all true believers. We believe in kindness to our suppliers, our customers ourselves and the planet. Maybe sustainability will be the new religion.

Whatever your beliefs we send you our greetings and heartfelt wishes for a better life and a more secure and sustainable future.

Maybe take a look at our great new products and find hope and inspiration there too. 

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