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  • Set of 5 Assorted Maasai Keychains
  • Set of 5 Assorted Maasai Keychains

Set of 5 Assorted Maasai Keychains

Tuzmo: Grace Nairushi

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This beautiful set of five assorted Maasai keychains is made by community members in Kenya, where this creative art is passed down through generations of women. Beadwork has a deep meaning in the community. The Maasai people value beadwork for its heavy symbolism and your purchase supports local African people.

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Product Description:

The Maasai people really value beadwork for its heavy symbolism and significance in indicating social status, marital status, age, and general well-being. As a way of integrating with the modern community, these Maasai keyholders bring out the vibrant nature of Maasais. You will receive two round and three long beaded keychains in assorted designs.

Kindly Note: Please allow for slight variations in size, shape, and finish/color since this is a handmade craft.

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  • This artisan has been handpicked to be featured on Etikora through our partners at Tuzmo.

Brand Partner Bio

I am of Maasai origin. The Maasais are an African community well known for their well-preserved cultural heritage. In collaboration with other ladies of my age and clan, I make Maasai beaded jewelry from the Kiserian Market in Kajiado County, the home county of the Maasais.

I learned the invaluable skill of making authentic beaded Maasai jewelry when I was growing up in the village. It is an art I make sure is passed on to the next generation by training younger girls when I head back to the village. To me, beadwork means a lot. It has deep meaning in my community as well, something that I take pride in.

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