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  • Set of 3 Wooden Decorative Bowls
  • Set of 3 Wooden Decorative Bowls
  • Set of 3 Wooden Decorative Bowls

Set of 3 Wooden Decorative Bowls

Tuzmo: Sammy Muthengi

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This set of 3 wooden decorative bowls have been hand-carved and hand-painted by a skilled artisan in a small community in the Wamunyu region of lower eastern Kenya. The set consists of an African animal bowl, a Big 5 bread bowl and an elliptical African bowl each bowl takes around three days to create.

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Product Description:

This Set of 3 Wooden Decorative Bowls have been hand-carved and hand-painted by a skilled Kenyan artisan. Included in this set is the African Animal Bowl, The Big 5 Bread Bowl and the Elliptical African Bowl. Each bowl is a work of art and is carved from various hardwood trees that are locally available, such as the ebony tree, mpingo, and yellow wood. Once carved, the bowls are cured, before they are smoked and polished for durability. It takes up to 3 days to complete a single bowl from start to finish.

Kindly Note: Please allow for slight variations in size, shape, and finish/color since this is a handmade craft.

African Animal Bowl:

This hardwood bowl has been carved in the shape of a fat "S", with the African continent in the middle. This is encircled by the famous African saying, "Hakuna Matata", which means, "Don't worry about it". It is also hand-painted with wild African animals on the inside of the bowl, such as the lion, zebra, elephant, buffalo, and leopard.

Size: 20.32W x 38.1L x 15.24H

The Big 5 Bread Bowl:

This almost tray-shaped bread bowl has animal cravings and cutouts on both of the longer sides. It also has handles, so you can easily move it around. The edges have been outlined in black to give it an almost burnt look. Hand-painted on the inside are the Big Five African animals — elephant, leopard, lion, rhino, and buffalo.

Size: 12.7W x 45.8L x 15.24H

Elliptical African Bowl:

This elliptical bowl is the perfect souvenir: reflective of everything African and also big enough to have some functional use. The African continent has been traced in the middle and surrounded by wild animals, such as giraffes, a lions, leopards, elephants, and rhinoceroses. The lip of the bowl has serpentine edges and heart-shaped cutouts.

Size: 30.5L x 10.16H

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  • This artisan has been handpicked to be featured on Etikora through our partners at Tuzmo.

Brand Partner Bio

I possess an in-depth understanding of the beautiful art of carving. I was born an Akamba in the Wamunyu region of lower eastern Kenya. My family nurtured my inborn talent and now my experience spans a period of over two decades. My niches are wooden bowls together with wooden silhouette carvings. I am extremely passionate about my career and the art of wood carving.

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