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  • Cool Cucumber Eye Serum 10ml
  • Cool Cucumber Eye Serum 10ml

Cool Cucumber Eye Serum 10ml

Happy Carrot Skincare

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This handmade and vegan friendly natural skincare is organic and comes in a convenient eco-friendly package. Stay cool as a cumber with this quick-absorbing natural eye serum. Using natural ingredients this wonderful product is upcycled from food and drink waste and is sent to you in recycled packaging and plastic free.

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Product Description:

Stay cool as a cumber with our quick-absorbing eye serum with cucumber, apple and kiwi oils. With all the laughing we do, it’s normal to have fine lines in this area. So this fruity combination will help prevent damage and protect this delicate skin, allowing us to get on with more laughing!

Contains over 95% upcycled oils from food and drink waste.

Registered with The Vegan Society.

Instructions For Use:

Apply a small amount using the roller ball under your eye – to the delicate skin along the bone area. Be careful not to apply too close to the eye. Use morning and/or night as you prefer.

Best for drier skin that you want to keep looking youthful.

Top tip: Keep in the fridge to reduce puffiness around the eyes. Gently tap the skin after applying too to help it absorb and get your lymph flowing!


  • Key Ingredients: This fresh and fruity oil is literally bursting with plant goodness for your most delicate skin! UK grown apples and cucumbers provide a powerhouse of nutrition with anti-oxidants and the power of cell regeneration too. Blueberry backs these up with some extra protection against UV and blue light. Poppy and kiwi oils deliver extra nutrients that absorb deeply and keep the skin supple and healthy.

  • Ingredients: Apple seed oil*, kiwi seed oil*, cucumber seed oil*, blueberry seed oil*, white poppy seed oil, vitamin E, blackcurrant CO2 extract*(contains sunflower seed oil) and rosemary CO2 extract (contains sunflower seed oil).

    * Upcycled oils from food waste.

Packaging Information:

This comes in a green glass bottle with a metal roller insert and aluminium lid.

Green glass is fully recyclable throughout the UK.

Label is made from recycled paper.

Environmental Information:

A whopping 95% of Cool Cucumber is made from upcycled ingredients, so per 10ml bottle that’s over 9 grams of waste you’ve diverted from landfill!

Plus these upcycled oils are mostly from UK grown apples and cucumbers, with the rest of the ingredients from Europe so its beauty miles are really low.

Packaging is recyclable and kept at a minimum to reduce waste.

Of course this is shipped out in plastic free padded paper or recycled cardboard too!

Shipping Information:

  • UK Shipping Cost: £3.48

  • All orders are sent by courier as standard. Orders are usually shipped within 3 working days and we’ll email you your tracking code once it’s gone out. In some cases, it may be necessary to send orders via normal post (not courier) for Northern Ireland or remote areas of Scotland where courier services aren’t available.

  • International delivery unavailable.

Brand Partner Bio

We believe in skin positivity and our ultimate goal is to make your combination skin feel calm, balanced and happy! Combination skin needs special care, and our skincare superheroes are designed specifically to manage whatever extremes your skin is experiencing. Dryness and acne together with some sensitivities? No problem.
Our award-winning skincare superheroes will come to the rescue! Our range is based on the idea of simplicity and not overwhelming the skin, yet they’re still totally effective in helping even troubled skin.

Considering the planet at all stages is our top priority and we strive to include planet-friendly upcycled ingredients. These are jam packed with natural plant-based nutrients to feed your skin, keeping it happy and glowing with health. They also reduce landfill and are sourced as locally as possible, cutting down on unnecessary “beauty miles”. Packaging too is kept to a minimum in 100% recycled (and recyclable) plastic or glass. You can even home compost the labels! All products are fragrance free, nut oil free and of course vegan and cruelty free. We are registered by The Vegan Society and are also a Vegan Founded business.

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