Our Benefit Icons

Everybody looks for different values in different products so to help our customers prioritise what matters to them, we have tagged each product with a series of icons that explain their origin and purpose.

  • Exclusive to Etikora

    This product is not sold anywhere else in the UK.
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  • Certified Organic

    This product is certified organic within its country of origin. Please look for the certification on the packet.

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  • Supporting Communities

    Your purchase directly helps the community where products with this benefit were made. 

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  • Subscription Saving

    We all like saving money! Why not take out a weekly / monthly subscription on items with this icon. Not only it will be one less thing to remember but you will be saving money.  

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  • Handmade

    This product is handmade from start to finish.

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  • Made Using Recycled/Repurposed Materials

    This product is made using either recycled or repurposed materials.

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  • Plastic Free

    This product is made using non-plastic materials and/or packaging.

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  • Vegan

    This product is made from animal-free materials.

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  • Trade Options

    When you register as a Trade/Bulk-buying customer, you will be able to access our full range of products and prices. You can then build your pro-forma order with us and we will provide you with a quotation including the delivery charge. 
    Please note that there is a minimum order value on these products.

  • Additional Fees Notification

    Please note that any imported items with a total value of £135 and over, as signified by this icon, may be subject to additional charges of Duty & VAT.