11 Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Ideas this Mother’s Day

11 Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Ideas this Mother’s Day

Charlotte Davies

11 Thoughtful Eco-Friendly Ideas this Mother’s Day 

Mother's Day is a beautiful occasion to honour the women in our lives who have nurtured and supported us in our journey. As we celebrate this special day, why not take a sustainable approach to further show our appreciation? From eco-friendly gifts to meaningful experiences, here are 10 thoughtful Mother's Day ideas prioritising sustainability.

1. Outdoor Picnic:

Soak in the scenery while enjoying a picnic in nature, complete with reusable picnicware and sustainable snacks. Take in the beauty of the outdoors while minimising waste, selecting a favourite destination, and turning it into an annual tradition! Weather permitting - if the weather is not looking too bright, opt for a sheltered spot to play it safe!

2. Homemade Organic Brunch:

What better way to show your appreciation by preparing a delicious brunch using locally sourced, organic ingredients. Get creative in the kitchen and show how much you care with a lovingly prepared homemade meal.

We recommend shopping our range of organic and nutritious food items here

3. Plant a Tree Together:

Spend quality time with one another by planting a tree - a lasting symbol of growth and love, and one you can revisit year after year.

4. Nature Walk:

Treat your loved one to a scenic nature walk or hike to explore the beauty of the great outdoors. Spending quality time with one another in nature is a truly wholesome way to spend your Mothering Sunday, creating memories surrounded by beautiful, natural scenery.

5. Create Your Own Fruit, Veg or Herb Garden:

Start the process of growing a fruit, veg or herb garden using organic seeds and sustainable gardening practices. It’s much easier than you think, and an incredible gift that keeps on giving! We recommend researching some of your favourite garden grows and making a start now. There’s a great achievement in learning a new skill with a loved one while watching your plants develop over time.

6. Volunteering:

Spend the day volunteering at a local organisation that means something personal to you. It's a meaningful way to give back while bonding with one another.

7. DIY Spa Day:

Fancy a day of luxury this Mothering Sunday? Delve into some of the products Etikora has listed here, where you can find all you need for a luxury at-home spa experience. Nourishing natural products, body scrubs, purifying face masks, massagers, and even more to explore for the perfect, well-deserved pamper session. Choose products that prioritise the environment and your wellbeing.

8. DIY Candle Making:

Personalised, creative, and an innovative way to spend an afternoon together - Luxury Candle Making Kit! A stand-out gift with a number of luxurious, beautiful scents to select from! 

9. Make Your Own Face Masks and Skincare:

Another fun activity and thoughtful gift to enjoy time and time again! Make your own skincare products, being kind to yourself and kind the environment! Explore here.

10. Affirmation Gifts:

Something different this Mother’s Day; affirmations are a great way to show your appreciation while building inner confidence. We stock a range of affirmation gifts, perfect for this Mother’s Day. Click here to discover more.

11. Eco-Friendly, Personalised Gift Box:

If you’re interested in a personalised, eco-friendly gift box and want to explore more options, we’re home to a wide variety! Lovingly prepared by independent sellers that prioritise our planet, click here to explore and make this Mother’s Day a truly memorable one. 


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