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  • A5 Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Bullet Travel Journal
  • A5 Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Bullet Travel Journal
  • A5 Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Bullet Travel Journal
  • A5 Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Bullet Travel Journal

A5 Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Bullet Travel Journal

Sintra Naturals

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This sustainable A5 cornhusk paper travel journal is perfect for people who love artistic stationery. The journal paper is made from corn husk, blended with cotton or flax, resulting in eco-friendly paper. The journal is tree-free, meaning no trees were cut in the making of this journal. Create your own adventure – write, draw, sketch, paint doodle.

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 Product Description:

Create your own adventure – Write, draw, sketch, paint doodle.

Our beautiful collection of handmade tree-free journals. This corn husk A5 journal has the perfect size and this tree-free notebook is a great travel companion.

  • The A5 Journal has 120 unruled pages
  • The internal pages are white cotton rag paper
  • Notebook has 2 layers of cover page, created using 350 GSM corn husk paper and grey cotton paper
  • The inner pages are 80GSM unruled white cotton paper
  • The book measures 21*15*1.5 inches or A5 size
  • The inner pages are white unruled cotton paper
  • This handmade notebook is enclosed with a screen printed leaves design on black cotton paper band.
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly paper

A lot of thought goes into making sure the journal had a positive environmental effect. Our paper is acid-free and no trees were cut in its making.

These artistic Tree Free Cornhusk Paper Travel Journal have double-sided covers. As you can see from the photos there are other colors available in the shop.

Our sustainable notebook set is an ideal and above all useful gift even for people who love artistic stationery. 

The journal paper is made from corn husk. We all have enjoyed delicious corn in various forms. Grilled, charred and boiled. Corn husks are most commonly used to encase foods to be steamed or baked, imparting a very light corn flavour. Corn husks can be used in the presentation of a dish, but are not edible and should be discarded after use.

But here is a new way to use corn husk. Yes, we have found a way to turn corn husk into beautiful paper. Cornhusk by itself does not have sufficient cellulose to make paper on its own. However, with a little blend of cotton or flax, this paper turns out beautiful, textured and simply stunning. In addition to the above, these can be turned into eco-friendly and sustainable wedding cards, stationery, letterheads, house invitations among others.

So let’s not burn corn husk or even let it decompose, let’s make paper from it like how we do. Corn husk has a light green tinge and sometimes yellow depending on the lot that we procure from various farmlands. Furthermore, this process is painstaking in the beginning. Take the corn husk and strip it off its cob. The husk needs to be cooked with soda ash to remove any form of lignin or impurities. Thereafter corn husk is beaten in conjunction with cotton or flax and made into the paper we absolutely adore.

100% upcycled, recycled and sustainable!

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We are small handmade vegan skincare business born out of passion for sustainability and circular economy.

We thrive hard to introduce products inline with our brand ethos and work hard to maintain our commitment towards being environmentally friendly.

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