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  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder
  • Mineral Foundation Powder

Mineral Foundation Powder

All Earth Mineral Cosmetics

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This natural foundation powder comes in six colours and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. It is hand-made, mineral and organic, and delivered in eco-friendly packaging. This hand-made product, from a UK business, comes in a sample size of 0.5 g, shot size of 2g, refill of 4g, or a pot for life of 4g.

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Product Description:

The unique blend of ingredients in our ‘bismuth free’ loose powder foundation makes it versatile, comfortable to wear, suitable for the most sensitive of skin, buildable coverage, flashback free, light sun protection, and very long-lasting.

It can be applied dry, mixed with cream, balm, water, serum, or sun cream to create a consistency that adapts to your skin type and requirements.

Sizes Available:

Samples – Try before you buy.
Shot – adjust your shade or add a splash of colour.
Refill – Use in conjunction with our refillable Pots for Life.
Pots for Life – Unique recycled and recyclable pot made from reclaimed fishing nets.

Foundation Shade Guide:

  • 01 – For very fair skin with pink undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring).

  • 02 – Fair skin with more yellow undertones, which can burn rapidly in the sun (typically for people with blue vein colouring).

  • 03 – Fair to medium skin tone with pink, peach or yellow undertones which can tan easily (typically for people with blue or turquoise vein colouring).

  • 04 – Olive/Mediterranean skin tones which can tan easily, or Asian/Eastern skin tones (typically for people with green vein colouring).

  • 05 – Dark skin which can tan easily with ashy, peach or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring).

  • 06 – Dark skin which can tan very easily with red or black undertones (typically for people with green vein colouring).

Instructions For Use:

Our loose mineral foundations are quite unique in their blend of ingredients. They contain kaolin which means they offer better coverage, last longer and a little goes a long way making them more cost-efficient. The kaolin and plant-based allantoin are both anti-inflammatory so, along with being free from bismuth oxy-chloride (a mineral that over 60% of people are allergic to) makes the product gentle for the most sensitive of skin and even suitable for acne, psoriasis, and eczema-prone skin. Our loose mineral foundation is designed to lay like a veil on your skin so does not clog your pores (non-comedogenic) allowing your skin to breath underneath so, therefore, lasts longer and does not cause breakouts. The added ingredients actually make our mineral foundation naturally healing to the skin and, when worn regularly, will help to balance the skin's ph. levels. As long as you moisturise before hand, use a quality brush to apply with and do not apply too much at a time, our loose powders will apply like a dream creating a flawless finish. The denser the brush the heavier the foundation will apply. Being loose powder means it can be mixed together in shades if need be and also has a longer shelf life as no binding agents are needed so therefore no preservatives added. It also makes it easier to offer refills making them more eco friendly. The kaolin blend allows the product to mix well with creams, water and serums to create what ever consistency you like.


  • Titanium Dioxide
  • Zinc Oxide
  • Iron Oxides
  • Kaolin
  • Allantoin
  • Mica
  • Silica C177007, C177288

Packaging Information:

Interior - Pots For Life - RECYCLED AND RECYCLABLE - Cleaning the seas one pot at a time/ Refills and shot - RECYCLABLE AND FULLY COMPOSTABLE/ Samples - POTATO STARCH GLASSINE PACKETS.
Shipping - All orders are posted out using recyclable cardboard. We do not use any plastics or single use plastic in our packaging.

Designed to work with Pots for Life our completely unique refill tubes are 100% biodegradable and recyclable and are available in all of our mineral products. Their design makes it quick and easy to either refill your All Earth ‘pot for life’ or to empty into any jar or pot you may have at home. Alternatively, because of their stand-up shape, you can even just keep them with the product stored in them, just be aware they are not waterproof so are best stored in a dry environment.

Our new and unique, all recycled and recyclable Pots for Life, bring together new innovation and production methods to tackle a serious environmental problem. For years, discarded fishing nets have caused untold damage to our marine life, and living and working here in Cornwall, our seas and coastline are particularly close to our hearts. Working with a local Cornish company, we take the reclaimed fishing nets and reconstitute this waste product into new a new usable form. These robust and durable ‘keep forever’ pots work with our 100% biodegradable and recyclable refills and shots making them great for the environment and saving you money.

They are made exclusively for All Earth Mineral Cosmetics and are unique in the cosmetic and packaging industries. The sifter is designed to use minimal plastic, to easily open and close when refilling, and has a specially designed decanter to control how much you want to tap out at a time, this fits flush with the lid to keep the product from spilling into the lid during travel.

The benefits of us using our new pots are a low carbon footprint, with these pots being made just a few miles away from our head office. The end of tree and forestry use in our casings. Supporting local industry and British innovation and doing your bit to help clean our seas and protect our coastline and marine life not only here in Cornwall but around the world.

Shipping Information:

  • £3.00 Delivery Cost to U.K.
  • Free delivery for sample products.

International delivery currently unavailable.

Brand Partner Bio

Our company was founded and is run by Julie, a make-up artist and Guy, a natural skincare enthusiast. We believe that less is more and that there is no need to use skin harming chemicals when we have all the beautiful natural ingredients and colours that our Earth has to offer. With the welfare of animals and the environment a priority, we created our own natural range of products that are simple to choose and use, versatile and durable and suitable for sensitive skin. They are also environmentally friendly, vegan, cruelty-free and ethically and sustainably sourced.

The Perfect Range - If you are after a simple to use multi-use product range with your skin health, the welfare of animals and the environment being a priority, then our products are just what you are looking for.

The Packaging - With us you can be confident that you are purchasing the very purest mineral brand available; but we go further, combining this with a range of Eco packaging options. From our unique recycled fishing net pots-for-life that are used in conjunction with our refills to our shots, which can be used as a travel alternative or just for adding a pop of colour for you to create your own unique foundation. All the foundations come as samples so you can be confident to try before you buy.

As if that wasn’t enough, we are also Award Winning being presented with the National Health Beauty & Wellness Award 2020 for the most Eco conscious cosmetic brand in the UK.

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