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  • The Black Edit Mens Gift Set

The Black Edit Mens Gift Set

Sintra Naturals

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This is the ideal wash gift set for men. It comes in a black upcycled wash bag contains charcoal soap, unscented deodorant, all-purpose cream and vegan organic lip balm. This combination is a great all round care set and the ideal eco-friendly gift for men: it is plastic free, ethical, upcycled and vegan.

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 Product Description:

Gifting for men is always associated with buying something black but this is one colour we can never go wrong with the men in our life.

So taking this colour theme we have curated a gift set for men which would definitely win the hearts of men in your life whether its your beloved dad,husband/boyfriend or the wild son and of course the besties .

This gift set comes in a black upcycled wash bag and has the following:

1. CHARCOAL SOAP: Made with shea butter and peppermint infused olive oil this soap is gentle and deep cleanses and gives that fresh feeling all men crave after a shower. Charcoal soap is good for general and extreme sweat too.

2. UNSCENTED DEODORANT (35ML): Our award winning baking soda free deodorant is one of our best sellers especially among men who usually don't like the floral or citrus scents we get from natural aromatherapy based deodorants. This deodorant is guaranteed to keep you odour free even in extreme sweat conditions.

3. MENS ALL-PURPOSE CREAM: This best selling cream is specially made to meet men's skincare needs and is non-greasy to keep you hydrated without clogging the pores. This is must have in your skincare collection. It can be used as a facial moisturiser as well as targeted treatment for elbows or any dry patches. One customer used it as an anti-chafing balm with great results.

4. VEGAN ORGANIC LIP BALM: One thing every man needs is a lip balm to keep the lips safe from environmental factors and from smoking too. Made with cocoa butter and organic almond oil this is a must have product.

We have curated these products keeping in mind the day to day self-care needs of men. 

What more do we need? This bundle is a epitome of eco-friendly gifting: Plastic free, ethical, upcycled and vegan.

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Brand Partner Bio

We are small handmade vegan skincare business born out of passion for sustainability and circular economy.

We thrive hard to introduce products inline with our brand ethos and work hard to maintain our commitment towards being environmentally friendly.

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