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Sustainable Wrapping Paper and Packaging for Christmas


As we near the Christmas season, I am sure you are beginning to think about gifts and of course, sustainable wrapping paper. Not only can the packaging end up being expensive but it can come at an enormously high environmental cost as well. Let’s try to adopt different forms of eco wrapping.

Present Wrapping Waste

According to waste management company BIFFA, here in the UK, we throw away an estimated 227,000 miles of wrapping paper every Christmas. Just take a second to wrap your head around that fact! 227,000 miles of wrapping paper. Keeping in mind that is just the wrapping paper, not the added packaging waste that we pile into black sacks at the end of the day. If we all tried to cut down a bit on single use wrapping paper, think of the difference we could all make.

How to reduce packing waste:

  • Make the wrapping for the gift - such as tea towels, scarves or throws.
  • Take a moment to work out how much wrapping paper you will need rather than having lots left over. This probably gets chucked out after you get fed up storing it.
  • Normalise reusing packaging. Does it really matter if you use non-Christmas paper at Christmas or vice versa? 
  • Get creative! Creative packaging can be as much of a gift as the gift itself.  Putting time and creative effort into the packaging can be a real showstopper.
  • Use old newspaper or even colourful pages from a magazine, these can be artfully done to make your presents look totally original.
  • Swap the Sellotape for biodegradable tape - think about buying in bulk from a sustainable company and sharing with your friends.
  • Swap the tape for cloth, ribbon, vintage lace, pins (not for kids presents of course).
  • Use seasonal foliage from the garden for an eco wrapping alternative. Here is an example of a summer present wrapped in garden flowers, antique lace and held together with decorative pins.  All these packaging materials can be enjoyed and reused, press the flowers and use them as a bookmark or gift tags.
eco gift wrap
  • Use recyclable or recycled paper. Maybe have a present drawer that also has wrapping paper you have saved for future use as well as your last-minute presents!
  • Use brown paper and other packaging that you have received by post, repurpose it with colourful flowers. Simple and stunning.

We hope this helps you think about where wrapping paper is sourced and how much you use. Maybe you will want to take up some of our suggestions?

Check out some excellent sustainable gift wrap options here on the Etikora site. 

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