Launch Day Welcome!

Launch Day Welcome!


Welcome to Etikora, our new sustainable eCommerce marketplace dedicated to bringing you a more responsible, eco-friendly and caring way of shopping online.

We’d like to introduce Etikora to anyone new to the brand, so please keep reading to find out more.

What is Etikora?

Etikora brings together the conscious consumer with the very best eco-businesses and workshops from all corners of the world. We aim to shape sustainable lifestyle choices in a variety of ways:

  • Offering customers a more ethical, responsible and caring way of shopping online
  • Supporting eco-businesses and workshops around the world
  • Promoting organic and eco-friendly production methods, and encouraging the use of recycled materials when available
  • Giving both brand partners and customers a fair deal
  • Supporting local communities both at home and abroad

How We Began...

As an idea amongst a group of friends with varied backgrounds, all sharing the same ethos of practicing a more responsible way of doing business. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes with an amazing and dedicated team, forming partnerships with hard-working, compassionate, and sustainable like-minded businesses. With this shared passion for a more considerate and responsible future, we aim to make it that little bit easier for consumers to connect with genuine eco-brands.

Why We're Different

Simply put, we’re lifestyle focussed - helping our shoppers make caring lifestyle choices across a variety of products and services, from the essentials to the more indulgent products. Everyday essentials such as clothing, food and drink, health and beauty and pet products, along with the very best online yoga classes and even ethical holidays; we’re thrilled to bring together such a broad range of ethical and independent sellers and businesses, taking the time to learn about and understand our partners through a personal touch.

So, with all that in mind… we would like to welcome you to Etikora and the feel-good way of shopping online and supporting eco-businesses!

Enjoy browsing the site and contributing to a more caring future ahead, and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Instagram (@etikora) or email (

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