6 Eco-Friendly Activities To Celebrate Father's Day

6 Eco-Friendly Activities To Celebrate Father's Day

Charlotte Davies

Father's Day is a wonderful occasion to celebrate the fathers and father-figures in our lives. Here are 6 eco-friendly activity suggestions to have a memorable and special Father’s Day.

1. Go for a Family Hike in Nature 

Explore the great outdoors with a nature hike. Choose a local trail and enjoy the beauty of nature while getting some exercise. Remember to stick to marked paths to protect the environment! Visit the National Trust to find some great locations near you!

2. Visit a Farmers’ Market

Support local farmers by visiting a farmers’ market. Pick up fresh, organic produce for a homemade, eco-friendly meal to share with your dad. It’s a great way to eat healthily and sustainably.

3. Host an Eco-Friendly BBQ

Hopefully we’ll see some June rays this Father’s Day, making it the perfect time to plan a Sunday BBQ using nourishing, organic & local produce! Enjoy a hearty, delicious meal with the whole family.

4. Go Canoeing or Kayaking

Spend the day on the water with a canoe or kayak trip. Enjoy the tranquility of paddling through lakes, rivers, or coastal areas while appreciating the natural beauty around you. One of the best ways to spend a Sunday and make some wholesome memories this Father’s Day!

5. Bike Ride Adventure

Or if you’d rather stick to land, a bike ride is another great way to get out in nature this Father’s Day! It’s a fun and active way to spend time together, creating a perfect trail and discovering new places.

6. Make Homemade Bird Feeders or Bird House!

Craft bird feeders using natural or recycled materials - hang them in your garden and watch as birds flock to enjoy! Alternatively or additionally, construct a birdhouse using sustainable materials. It’s a fun and creative activity that provides a safe home for local birds and adds a decorative touch to your garden; both are a fantastic way to support local wildlife.

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